Helpful Planning Tips

Helpful Wedding Planning Tips 

Unless you’re eloping to a Las Vegas drive-through chapel, even the simplest of weddings require significant thought and planning. This list is intended to get you thinking through what it is you envision for your big day. The questions are in no particular order. Jot notes beneath any that apply to you and bring these with you to our initial meeting. Don’t worry about having every detail plotted out. This is just to help you begin your decision-making process. Even realizing what you absolutely don’t want is valuable.

—Happy planning! Rev. Sid Korpi

  • Being nonconformists, this is really important: Do you have a plan for dealing with overly controlling relatives or friends who seek to make your wedding suit their tastes? [Seriously.]
  • Do you plan to have readings, blessings spoken by family members or friends, etc.?
  • Will you use recorded or live music to accompany a vocalist if you plan on having one?
  • Will your bouquet, attire, etc. be significant to your beliefs or the theme of your ceremony? [One bride carried marshmallows on sticks as a bouquet and later handed these out for making s’mores in a fire pit following their outdoor winter wedding! Another wore an organic cotton gown to keep her wedding “green.”]
  • Are there any spiritual traditions/ceremonial rituals you would like to incorporate? [hand-fasting, ring warming, broom jumping, etc.]
  • If there are loved ones who cannot be at the ceremony—due to distance, ill health, or because they are deceased—do you wish to have a place set up with their photos or make mention of them in your program to include them in spirit?
  • Will you be holding a rehearsal, and if so, when will this take place?
  • Will you be writing the ceremony yourselves or will you be requiring my help?
  • Will you be sharing vows you’ve prepared yourself?
  • Is it important that you stay within a certain length of time for the entire ceremony?
  • Would you like me to include something about how you met, what makes your relationship unique, what values you share, a humorous anecdote, etc. in either my introduction or the ceremony itself?
  • What mood do you seek for the ceremony? [light-hearted, solemn, comedic, romantic, cerebral, spiritual, etc.?] Is there a unique theme, era or style that suits you as a couple?
  • What will your names be after the wedding; how would you like to be introduced?
  • Have you obtained the wedding license? This must be on-site at the ceremony.
  • Would you like to have your companion animal(s) present and/or active participants in the ceremony? If so, do you have someone lined up to tend to them during the wedding?
  • Have you hired a photographer/videographer? A band or a DJ for the reception?
  • Are you preparing your invitations and/or programs yourself or using a printer?
  • What is your intended color scheme? [So I can blend in.]
  • Will you have your guests throw bird seed, candy or pennies, or blow bubbles, etc. as you leave the church/site of the ceremony?
  • Do you plan to have any audience participation during the ceremony? [call-and-answer, sing-along, recite a poem in unison, get up and dance, do the hokey pokey, etc.]
  • If you are having your ceremony outdoors, do you have some kind of shelter or a backup plan in case of inclement weather?