Pinky Swear-emonies®


I was the first to have a Pinky Swear-emony. Both my beloved, Scott Metcalf, and I had been previously married and had suffered through difficult divorces and all the legal entanglements. We wanted to share our commitment to one another with our friends, but we didn’t want to repeat history. So we created the Pinky Swear-emony (name coined by Scott and stolen—with his permission—by me for my business). We had amethyst pinky rings designed for us and I wrote the ceremony out onto notecards, which I distributed to all our friends to read in sequence during the event. It really made for an intimate and involving ceremony and really made sure everyone stayed awake through it all! We registered with the city of Saint Paul to be official Domestic Partners. We couldn’t be happier with the feeling of freely given commitment minus the “legal lock and key.” We wanted to belong to each other, not to lawyers.

For photos by Terri Mattila, Defiant Beauty Photography, follow the link below: