* Extensive interviewing of you and your betrothed in order to write your ceremony for you from scratch, to your specifications is just $350.*

(*An additional fee may apply for extensive rewrites due to your own decision to profoundly change the ceremony’s contents);

* Meeting the day before the wedding for a rehearsal—optional but recommended for any but the smallest, simplest of ceremonies (for an additional time/travel expense fee, usually $50 within the Twin Cities metro area, slightly more for distances over 50 miles roundtrip); and/or

Wedding dance instruction available through Two Right Feet Dance, either private lessons in our home studio or on-site at your reception.

Decide to go with Nonconformist Nuptials and a nonrefundable $100 deposit is all that’s needed to reserve your wedding/other ceremony date and will be deducted from the balance, which is due the day of the ceremony.

Cash, check, PayPal or credit cards accepted.

Call Sid Korpi at 612-824-1800 to set up a time to meet at the Two Right Feet Dance Studio/her home. There’s no charge for this consultation, and the meeting usually takes about an hour–90 minutes. It’s just to see if you are all kindred spirits. Your wedding is too important to choose anyone but the perfect-for-you officiant.

(All parties reserve the right to respectfully decline to proceed if there is not a meeting of the minds regarding the substance of the ceremony.)

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